Wednesday, September 03, 2008

First day of school and other stuff

Well, Delaney is a big first grader now. School started yesterday for us. Delaney had a good day and seems to like her teacher well. The bus schedule is quite a bit different this year...since she is full-day now it picks her up around 7:40 and she isn't getting home until almost 4pm! I was going to post a few photos here but then I realized she is wearing an identification card in all of them and it lists her complete name/ first day of school photo for YOU!

I'm preparing for Hurricane Hanna here. Not sure where it's supposed to come on land...I've heard Georgia and possibly South/North Carolina...all of the spaghetti modules show it going right over our area on Saturday. Fun, fun. I have all kinds of canned food supplies and I even sprung for a stove-top percolator (coffee pot) that we can use on the propane camp stove should that be necessary. One must never be without one's morning caffeine source! Especially if you will be stuck inside a house with three kids, a dog, a turtle, and no electricity for who-knows-how-many-days after a hurricane!!!

Dinner's in the crockpot tonight. It'll be Crock-pot Indian Curry from the Crock-Pot Lady. I wish I had some way to add scents to this blog because this one smells soooo good! I'm going to make Lentil Dal with it again. Hurry up dinnertime!

A few photos that I haven't gotten to post for you below. Some were taken by the girls out in the yard a few weeks of my latest yarn. I haven't had a chance to spin at all since getting home from PA. There's just too much in the house to take care of. I'm in a major pitch-it mood and don't want to spoil it so I'm staying busy trying to sort out the house! Today was laundry and commissary (and Wal-Mart) day so when I was at home all I was doing was switching loads and folding laundry.

Laney goofing in the yard

Laney and friend

Tinna goofing around in the yard

All Spun Up yarn

All Spun Up yarn


New friend for the garden "Hedgie"

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