Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New day, new project

Here it is...

The Sean Sheep Tea Cosy

A special thank you to my friend Mary in Canada for sending me this yarn and the pattern with it. The colorway is gorgeous and will be a perfect compliment to my teapot! No more wrapping a towl around the pot to keep it warm! I am totally enjoying this pattern and can even envision myself making a few of these for Christmas gifts. Yay!

Today has been busy already. Up early, got the kids off to school. The temperature and humidity has I mowed the lawn and did the tiniest bit of weeding. I have completely ignored the garden since June, mainly due to the heat. I just cannot stand it when it is above 80F. Yuck. So, now I feel a bit more motivated. After the garden, I had a quick banana and went into William's room to tidy the mess under his bed. (He has a loft bed) A Thomas train track that he broke apart during a tantrum way back in May was still in a pile and a ton of other toys on top of that. I didn't have quite the energy to sort toys for pitching. (He has a lot of McDonald's toys) That can come another day. But at least it is neat in there again and everything is back in it's place. Now for the playroom! Completely out of control. Polly Pockets are a mother's worst nightmare. (And Light Brite. Thanks Aunt Debbie.)


Debbie B said...

Hehe....wait until this X-MAS!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love that color! See you in a few days.