Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Look! More about knitting!

I have completely finished the Sean Sheep Tea Cosy. Lovely! I did make one big mistake and that was the way I stitched up the sides at the end...the instructions didn't say "with wrong sides out" or anything like that so I kept the right sides out and it just looks funny to me. I might re-do it or I might not. Depends on how things go the next few days. I just have too much to do today and don't feel like dealing with it yet. I've been cleaning house. Tomorrow morning we're having a mini stitch-n-bitch here so I have no more time left to be lazy. As of now, it's just me, Ash, and Delaney's bus driver who wants to learn how to knit. We haven't opened it up to anyone else. I think this year (I say "year" in terms of school years) we are going to try to find a public place to hold our get-togethers. Maybe the library or a local coffee shop. At any rate, tomorrow Ash is going to help me get my two-at-a-time toe-up socks going. I can't wait to have a pair of squishy stripey Felici yarn socks! Yay!

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FrkSnupp said...

I love your teacozy! I need to make something similar for my teapot, it cannot hold the water hot for longer than 20 the pattern in Ravelry? I´m going to knit on the everlasting Cobblestone tonight, and watch Heroes and maybe some Weeds =) have fun with your mini stitchin´tomorrow.