Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What's up in the garden?

A quick post mostly about the garden. (Can you tell I'm desperate for blog fodder?) Things are tired out there but I was able to get a few photos yesterday.

I don't know what we are going to do today. It's a bit windy, I think there's a storm on the way. We might end up going to the pool since there aren't many more days of summer left. I'm saving the Commissary run for tomorrow as it will be far enough away from payday and hopefully not as crowded. If we go early, maybe the kids will behave themselves.

I spent a good hour or so yesterday afternoon spinning and listening to podcasts that I've had saved for a long time. How relaxing and enjoyable was that?! Love my iPod. I'm trying to find a good source for free or cheap mp3 audio book downloads. If you have a source you can recommend, please leave a comment. So far I've only been able to find classics for free and I'm interested in something a bit more modern.

A Black-eyed Susan that has popped up from the seed mat area. Yay! Real ones just like I remember from my childhood.

See these plants? They are taller than me! (5'3" for reference) They were supposed to be Liatris but I'm not convinced the company gave me the correct bulbs! They keep growing and growing but no flowers are to be seen.

Finally, a Morning Glory has decided to grace our presence! What a beauty!

The tomato bed is still producing heavily.

It appears that we will have one lone pepper this year. I think this is a sweet red pepper plant.


Anonymous said...

My what a nicely manicured lawn. You must have spent hours on it.

Shannon said...

I did! Too bad I ran out of time and couldn't get the hedges trimmed. They are becoming the neighborhood eyesore.