Thursday, August 21, 2008

The BIG haul

While yesterday was long and boring, last night was not! Hubs got home around 3:30, I walked the dog and then we all settled into the car to drive up to the big base to pick up his dry cleaning...turned out that wasn't finished yet, the lady gave him the wrong date. Quality service, let me tell you. We came closer to home (in the middle of rush hour) for dinner at the Jumbo, per Delaney's request. Leaving Jumbo, we began discussing Steven's various Halloween projects and the parts he needs to build them, etc. I suggested making a stop at CHKD to look for cheap bicycles. Holy Man! I haven't been in there for a few months and it was obvious by the amount of stuff there with our names written on it...He even found more ghost parts than he expected. We all left very happy...

Oven safe dishes for Creme Brulee. .98 each. I don't have any small dishes like this so these will be nice for puddings or tapioca, too.

Books. Frugal Gourmet cooks Three Ancient Cuisines - .98!!!

Heart-shaped pan for brownies or whatever

B.Moss sweater for moi! (love love love it)

Pants for Tinna - these are both Old Navy and in brand new condition.

Delaney's pants

Delaney's shirt. This will definitely be paired with darker pink flower pants in above photo. She doesn't have much fashion sense. It works like this "Oh, two pink things that have flowers. That matches!!!"

Delaney's shirt

Delaney's shirt

Tinna's Paris pants. How cute will these be with a little red shirt or sweater?!

Pretty necklaces Daddy bought for his girls. Don't be surprised if you see me in the owl necklace when winter comes. Too cute!

A snow globe for Delaney's growing collection. It plays "Love Story". Very tacky but she really wanted it and the price was right.

Darth Vader bag for Wills.

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