Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Visitor in the garden

Yesterday was trash day. As I pulled the empty brown bin back toward our fence, a large insect moved at my fingers. Ack! I quickly withdrew my hand fearing a spider...(I hate spiders. In all honesty - I do "save" them when I can and return them to the great outdoors - but they are not really my friends)...imagine my surprise when it turned out to be a Mantis. Too cool! I ran for the camera and kids, hoping he'd stick around until we all got back to look at him.

This is how he was when I found him...upside down under the handle

Then he moved to the top of the bin as we started looking at him

William and Tinna checking him out

Delaney taking a look

Mantis assuming "praying" position...probably praying the kids wouldn't grab him!

Setting him free on a bush...

Dinner last night was pretty darn good, if I say so myself! The Crockpot Lady's Indian Chicken and Strawberry Girl's Lentil Dal, found on RecipeZaar. The Lentil Dal ROCKED and I have plenty leftover for lunch today. Sooooo yummy! The chicken, while moist and spot-on for flavour, didn't leave much sauce for the rice. Not sure what to do about that...maybe add more yogurt or some water the next time I make it. Still, all in all, it was a great meal and hubs was pleased.

I haven't had much time for spinning lately. I got about 20 minutes in yesterday and I'm finally able to see an end to the All Spun Up roving. It is so pleasurable to spin, I'll be sad when it is gone. (But hey, that's just an excuse to buy MORE!) I can't wait to see it all plied up and then start to think about what to make with it. Fun, fun!

Today there's laundry and grocery shopping (maybe - I'm still in pj's at 9 so I might save that for tomorrow since I have enough food for diner tonight) on the agenda. The kids cleaned the playroom yesterday and I vacuumed it. It was really disgusting down there so it is nice to have it done for a week or two. The girls' bedroom is completely out of control and I already told them that is what they will be doing today before Wii or computer time! Needless to say, they aren't happy about it at all. Oh well!!! Only a few more weeks to get through and then I'm going to sort out every room in this house. Bit by bit, with garbage bag in hand, I'm going to take control again!

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Yarn Tails said...

The year my son was in 4th grade we ordered a mantis egg. It was from a science magazine that his teacher had. That was fun waiting for that to hatch and all the little babies that emerged from it. I miss those days the most with my son, when he was little enough to want to do that stuff with his mom.