Monday, August 18, 2008

Budding artist

Yesterday was a beach day. A very good one, in fact. Kids swam and played, we dug up little sand crabs together. We saw a different kind of sand crab scuttling across the beach and I was able to get a photo of him. Mo and Kristi met us and we had girlie chat and chat about Catherine Tate and how freakin' hilarious her skits are (in particular, Lauren aka "Am I bothered?")...and about Julie Walters and how funny and talented she is as well. It was just a great afternoon. Oh, except for when we opened our beer bottles on the beach and the lifeguard made us leave while we drank them...because while alcohol is permitted, glass bottles are not!

Delaney is becoming quite the artist. I was attempting to clean off my counter this morning (didn't manage it yet but there's still a few hours left in the day) and came across this picture by her. Can you see the lines that are supposed to show movement? What 6 year old does this? I never did. She clearly did not get her artistic skills from me. Must be from Auntie Lori.

I have a new Indian recipe in the crock today. I'll post it tomorrow if it works out. I'm going to make Lentil Dal to go along with it tonight...and I have some naan in the freezer that I will heat up as well. Kids will have hot dogs.

Tonight, the French movie "Amélie" is on my to-watch list. It has gotten great reviews on the Ravelry "Subtitle Knitters" group so I have high hopes for it.

Photos from the beach...
Little crab on the beach


Kristi with the kids

Promised photo from our dining-out night


Anonymous said...

What a great pic of you and hubby! You look so pretty!

Aunt Lori said...

1. Delaney is more than welcome to my job. I'm sure child labor would not be an issue.
2. Someone's feet really hurt by the end of the night.
3. Someone else got LUCKY!

Yarn Tails said...

That is a great pic of you and hubby!

Shannon said...

Ash, Yarn Tails: Thanks!

Lori: Pppft! :P