Saturday, August 16, 2008

It was a nice day!

We've had a string of pretty nice days and actually spent most of the day OUTSIDE doing yard work. My dad is here until tomorrow...perhaps that is what prompted us to work and not sit around being lazy this week-end?!?! Ha! But, anyway, yes...we worked outside a lot today. We took down the pool, washed it off, packed it away. My dad showed me how to use my weed eater. (and then he promptly broke it and had to replace it - LOL!) For some reason I thought this would be complicated but it's not and now I can do the weeds when I mow the yard! Woo-hoo. Talk about a real woman. ;-) I swept spiderwebs off the house. Cut out dead plants from the garden. Oh and I made homemade oven-dried tomatoes! (like sun-dried tomatoes, but well, oven-dried instead)

We had to run up to the Exchange because that is where Steven bought his jacket for last night's dinner and while we were getting ready, he realized that whoever did the alterations of the sleeves had gotten blood on the back of the jacket. It's white (go figure) and the spot was very obvious, but seeing that he discovered it at 4pm before an event that was starting at 5pm there wasn't much to do about it until today. They are paying for it to be cleaned. If the blood doesn't come out, I guess they will refund his money for the jacket. Hmmm. The dinner itself was ok. I didn't really know anyone so I felt a bit out of place. We did meet a couple who lived in Iceland in the 90's so it was fun to talk to them...but they weren't seated at our table so that conversation was short-lived. I'll hopefully have a photo to post next week (we had a formal one taken but did not take any with our own camera). Hubs promised me it wouldn't be any big deal for him to email it to me...since the photos all come out of his department...but you know how it is...he'll get busy at work and forget and it'll take two weeks of me nagging him to get it! =)

Tomorrow we are heading to the beach to meet up with my friend Maureen and her two kids Daniel and Kristi (who are both almost completely grown but we've known them for a long time so I still picture them as kids I guess). I have no doubts it will be a relaxing and laughter-filled afternoon!

Photos from today:

My dad and the weed eater


Tinna & Daddy

Some nasturtium plants from my friend Pia

If you look closely you can see the first tiny blossom...

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Yarn Tails said...

Weed eating is pretty easy in my house. All I do any more is say, "R mow the yard and don't forget to use the weedeater." LOL

Have a wonderful time at the beach!