Thursday, July 31, 2008

Uncle Jimmy's trains...

What a busy day we had yesterday! We left our house around 9:45 to head up to Williamsburg to Uncle Jimmy's house and swimming at Grandma's time-share. I made a stop by Ulta (yay!), stayed in control...only skincare purchases, nothing that wasn't on my list. Uncle Jimmy has a BEAUTIFUL house in Williamsburg...huge yard surrounded by woods and wildlife - my kids would LOVE to live in a place like added bonus is that his crawl space under the house is almost like an extra living area and he has his model trains set up down there. The kids were in heaven. After visiting Uncle Jimmy's, we had lunch at McD's and then went swimming. William was a bit nervous at first but the pool(s) were nice and started out very shallow, gradually getting deeper to 4 feet. There was a hot tub for me to soak in while Grandma swam with the kiddies. Niiiiice! We're heading back up there for the day tomorrow but this time we're taking Steven with us.

I don't think our busy days will end until after Donnie and Kristina's wedding next week-end (the 11th). Today I have laundry to do and I have to go out to VA Beach to pick up my dress sometime after 11. Tonight is spinning class. I haven't done much spinning this week at all. I sat down last night for 5 minutes and the wool broke and then I couldn't find the darn end! So...I brought the bobbin out here to the family room to try to find the end but I started watching a movie (an Italian flick called "Respiro" - I can't review it as I'm still mulling it over in my mind) and I never looked at it again before bed. C'est la vie. Hopefully I'll find it before class tonight!

You know I had to get a shot of the Pennsylvania train!!!

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