Wednesday, July 30, 2008


My friend Sue (aka "Aunt Sue") recently went out west and followed some of the Oregon Trail. When she came to visit us a few weeks ago, she brought along a book about the Oregon Trail to read to Delaney. Delaney really enjoyed it, so I bought a copy of it and another book about pioneer life for her on Amazon. The books arrived a few days ago. I took this photo of Delaney last night. My very own mini-me! The kids and Grandma have also started watching "Little House on the Prairie" yesterday so there are lots of questions being asked about how people lived in "the old days". Pretty good discussions going on here!

We ran all day yesterday...Wal-Mart, NEX, Commissary...back home to unpack it all and make dinner. I was beat at bedtime. Today will be the same as I'm taking Alice back up to Williamsburg. I'm making a stop at the Ulta store in Newport News for some skincare products, then on up to Uncle Jimmy's house for the kids to see his model trains, then to Alice's time-share for the kids to swim. Phew! Full report in a day or two!

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Aunt Lori said...

Did Uncle Jimmy give William wooden James?