Saturday, July 26, 2008

Promised pix..

This started out as a photo of Tinna's milk mustache because it looked just like one of those "handlebar" 'staches from the cartoons...but Will got in the photo and soon everyone was laughing and the 'stache just wasn't the same.

Delaney showing off her smile

Winding my newly plied yarn onto my niddy noddy

One big honkin' skein!

All tied up...approximately 117 yards of wooly goodness. If I do this a few more times, I might actually have enough to make something like gloves or a hat!

Close-up view with penny.

This is very similar in weight to Létt Lopi - there are still some bulkier areas here and there but my efforts are becoming more least with wool!

A photo to show Létt Lopi and my yarn

A sneak-peek at what I'm working on now...

Edited at 9:05 to include recipe from last night's was soo good I forgot to take pictures! The smell while cooking was incredible. Enjoy!

Crock Pot Cream Cheese Chicken (taken from the Crockpot Love group on Ravelry)

4-6 chicken breasts
1 8-oz pkg cream cheese
1 packet Italian dressing
1 can cream chicken soup
½ or less cube butter
Melt butter with Italian dressing packet. Pour over chicken in the crock-pot. Cook on low 4-6 hours. In a separate bowl, mix cream cheese and soup together until no longer lumpy.
Remove the chicken from crock pot and set aside. Strain the juice in the crock pot and discard the solids. Slowly mix the juice into the cream-cheese-soup mixture and stir till smooth. Return the chicken to the crock pot and pour on cream sauce.
Cook for another 30-45 minutes on low stirring every 15 minutes until warmed through. Serve over rice.

Do not over cook the cream cheese as it will separate


Laura said...

Your yarn looks lovely. And that recipe sounds really good too!

Shannon said...

Laura: thanks! I just had the leftovers and added a bit of hot sauce...even yummier than last night! Hope you like it if you try it. =)

Yarn Tails said...

Very Nice handspun!