Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm too tired...

I'm so tired tonight I can't even be bothered to upload any of my photos from the past two days. Here's what I accomplished today: first let me say I was up until midnight last night watching TV (Grounded For Life - it's my fall asleep tv - I'm hopelessly addicted to it and DVR every episode. I love love love Kevin Corrigan and I laugh like hell when I watch it). Will was up at 6:19 this morning (so was I). Besides feeding kids, I: folded and put away the last of the laundry, took all three kids so the girls could get haircuts, frappacino/cookie reward at 'Bucky's, stopped for a few grocery items at Kroger, mowed the lawn because it wasn't scorchingly hot today - there was a breeze and some cloud cover, plied up my singles while the kids played Wii, made a new recipe for dinner (more on that later), cleaned up dinner dishes, started on the AllSpunUp roving, watched "The Girl From Paris". (Great French flick. I recommend it but be prepared that it has some animal slaughtering scenes in it...I had to close my eyes so I wouldn't vomit. Basically, it's a movie about a city girl who becomes a farmer and all that she goes through in the first year with the current owner of the farm. He's a grumpy old man whose family has owned the property forever. I don't need to say much more. The setting was Rhone - Alps region of France - absolutely breathtaking scenery. I want to hop on a plane tomorrow.)

Right now I'm off to walk the dog and go to bed (more Grounded for Life - I know some of you are rolling your eyes thinking I had so much potential but have obviously wasted it). I'll post pix tomorrow!

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