Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Beach day

Dam Neck, VA. Beach day with Grandma TX. We got to the beach around 10:30, didn't leave until after 6...came home, walked the dog, went out for dinner. Started by searching for a seafood restaurant near our house...both that are advertised as "restaurants" are actually bars. No dice. Then we went out to Harborview Marina, a seafood restaurant on one of the local rivers. We waited for about 20 minutes for them to clear a table...Alice grabbed a menu so we could see what the kids might eat...absolutely nothing and meals averaged $22. It's not that we couldn't afford it, but honestly, that seems wasteful to me...so we got back in the car and decided to go to Jumbo. On the way to Jumbo we passed by the mall and remembered that there are a ton of restaurants there...ended up at Outback. Obviously they are struggling to keep up...no kids coloring pages, no Foster's beer, no ribs. RIBS. No ribs. The waitress forgot to bring the kids' milk. The manager gave us a $45 coupon to be used during our next visit. Sometimes it helps to complain. Got home around 9:15 or so and kids went straight to bed. I checked email and went to bed around 11, I guess. Completely wiped out.

Sooo...no spinning was accomplished yesterday. Not so sure about today, either. We need to run out later for a few grocery items and Grandma has promised some new lippy to the girls so we'll be going to Wal-Mart, too. Our pool has gotton some sort of algae build up in it...we bought a pool vacuum the other day at Lowe's but it's not the greatest thing...I probably should go out there later and try to help it along. All three kids are filthy and need baths - I'll also need to change sheets since they went to bed kind of sandy. Busy day today. I'll be happy to sit down tonight!

Photos from yesterday...

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