Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Good citizen, Delaney

Most of yesterday was spent away from the house. Steven went to work early in the morning and as soon as I got Delaney on the bus, I took the twins with me to the post office and library. We got back home with enough time to eat lunch and make it over to Delaney's school for the Kindergarten awards program. Three awards were given out...Good Citizenship, Perfect Attendance (you know we wouldn't win that one!!!), and Most Improved Reader. A boy and a girl were chosen from each Kindergarten class for the Good Citizenship award...and Delaney was the pick for her class! Congratulations, Delaney! We're very proud of you!

After the awards program, we went over to Home Depot to pick up some paint for a bathroom project and lumber for a new garden bed. This summer, the bed will be home to the tomatoes that are in pots...in the fall, we will relocate all of the lavender (I have 5 varieties) and the raspberry plants.

Today: general tidying up of the house and ANOTHER trip to Lowe's or Home Depot for garden soil and cabinet knobs...we may try Lowe's first since I didn't see any knobs I liked at HD yesterday. There will be lots of painting going on this summer and I cannot WAIT to get it all done! You can call me Slave Driver, as evidenced in the photos below...

New garden bed

Bathroom project - cabinets will be painted white to make this a more uniform space.

Awards program

There's the girl...

Accelerated Reader program

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