Sunday, June 08, 2008

Good-bye, trees!

I'm not really in a blogging mood but I figured I better update this and let everyone know that I'm still alive. I've been very busy since Steven got home. We've been planning projects that we'd like to tackle this summer. We had 6 trees removed on Thursday. The pool went up on Friday (and not a moment too soon as the temperatures have been ridiculously high - we hit 99F today!). Yesterday most of the day was spent in the water - drinking beer and hanging out as a family - we grilled brats and hot dogs for dinner. Today, we drove out to the NEX at Oceana Naval Base to get a few things for the house and just to get general prices of some stone edging for the front flower bed. We had lunch there and then made a stop at Taj Bazar, an Indian grocery for a few supplies - chana masala powder, incense, and stick cinnamon. I also popped into the Asian grocery a few doors down and got some candy for the kids. I debated the purchase of a wok but passed for this time. They are under $20 and I'm sure I can go back any time to get one.

Tonight it's EastEnders and relaxing. Steven goes back to work tomorrow and Delaney has an awards assembly at school at 1pm...apparently she is going to be given an award. I'm not sure what it is for but her teacher called and asked us to come because very few of these will be given out. Hmmm. I'll post more when I know!

For are a few photos of the trees coming down!


FrkSnupp said...

The garden looks nice and open without the trees. I sent you package today, hopefully it will arrive soon =) I´ll email you that numberthing så you can follow it if you want to.

sue said...

Looks like they broke the slide. I hope they will pay for it.

Shannon said...

Pia: The yard is definitely more open and now with the heat, very very dry and hot! We still have almost the same amount of shade because of the neighbor's tall trees, which is nice. We will plant some grass seed in the fall and hopefully have some green back there next summer! Thank you for the package, I will let you know when it arrives. I'm very excited to see what you sent!

Sue: It was replaced on Friday and we didn't even have to ask!