Saturday, May 17, 2008

Yep, it's strep...

It has been confirmed that Delaney Rose does, in fact, have strep throat. Happy happy joy joy. I was almost 100% positive that was it on Thursday when she said "It feels like fire when I swallow!!!". As a child, I had strep pretty often and then had my tonsils out at 8 years old. I can still remember that feeling of the fiery throat. Sooo, now she's on penicillin twice a day. I made a deal with her that if she takes the medicine for the next ten days without fighting me she will earn her penguin MP3 player. I really hope that is enough to get us through (I'd really like to have my old speakers back!). She can be quite difficult when it comes to taking medicine.

I haven't written about the garden in a few days. Good things are happening out there and it is so fun to watch! The tomato seeds we planted and that I thought got washed away are still here. I have *17* tomato plant seedlings in 3 pots. What the heck will I do with all of them??? I'm thinking to offer some on FreeCycle! My Queen Elizabeth rose has at least 6 new buds appearing and the Tiffany rose has 3 or 4. I'm psyched about that! Hansa (the rugosa) has lots of green wood and new leaves appearing but the old leaves are curling and turning brown. Not sure what to do about that. I'm hoping that it clears up as it settles in. Oh, my weigela plant is blooming and is so pretty that I've asked Auntie Lori to get another for me at Harbaugh's. I can't wait for that to grow bigger as it will be a knockout. The best surprise, however, are the beginnings of berries on the raspberry bushes! Everyone told me raspberry bushes take two years to bloom and produce fruit but it looks as if ours will have fruit this year! Waaa-hoo! So, it's all coming along nicely and I could go on and on about all of the changes, but I won't.

Here are a few photographs...

Two pictures by Delaney. The first is of children going to a party and the second is something she drew at school the week of May 5. It tells about going to Pappy and Grammy's house. She's just about got the driveway right!

Hydrangea beginning to bloom.

Weigela beginning to bloom.

Raspberry bush with beginnings of raspberries.

A photo of William, taken this morning. Pants on head and shirt on bottom. Weird kid.


Anonymous said...

I would like that picture of our house to frame if you can part with it.
That Will is a silly boy : )

usnpao said...

OOOh... you started a preedence. So now when hubbie wakes you up for snoring (as he usually does), I'd expect that you will head to the couch to let him sleep peacefully.

Shannon said...

Grammy: I don't know if I can hand over the original but I can make a scan for you.

usnpao: nah. He can pretty much kiss my ass and take himself up to the FROG. HE'S an adult who understands that I'm constantly exhausted and NEED the restorative powers of sleep. Now I'm starting to understand Virginia Woolf's "A Room of One's Own"...if only I had one, I wouldn't have to get hassled like this...