Sunday, May 18, 2008


Go Pens!!! I'm so excited...the Pittsburgh Penguins are now in the Stanley Cup finals. We just got done watching the Pens whoop the Flyers' butts. Delaney has a new boyfriend...Evgeni Malkin. At any rate, let's hope we win the cup! Check here for all the info.

Quiet day. The most exciting thing we did was run out to Kroger for more milk, bread, and bananas. I also picked up some phyllo dough and am going to make a spinach and feta pie tomorrow. Yumm! I'll post the recipe if it turns out well.

It was absolutely GORGEOUS today...high of 79F...bright sky. (It's raining now, which is ok...this is how it should be...gorgeous during the day and rain at night!) I even sat out and knitted while the kids played. I tried to take it easy. I did my 30 minutes of cardio in the morning but didn't get in the second 30 I was aiming for. My throat is getting sore and I kind of felt like I should relax and not push myself while I KNOW strep throat is in our household. What's the point to wear myself out when my defenses are down? There's always next week.

The kids are watching Bee Movie right now. This is their third time in about a week. I'm getting ready to clean up dinner dishes and then more sitting and relaxing! EE (EastEnders) is on tonight and I expect it will be pretty good judging by how it left off last week. I can't wait!

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