Friday, May 16, 2008


I'm passing on illnesses. It's someone else's turn. Delaney's fever broke (or so I thought) yesterday afternoon but by 8pm, she was back up to 101 and crying hysterically for no reason. She was crying so hard at bedtime that she vomited up her medicine. Ugh. So...back in my bed she went. At first, I thought getting everyone ready for bed and singing three separate sets of songs would be a drag, and while it did take about 15 minutes longer than normal, but I found it was really nice to have a few minutes alone with each child. I look forward to the day when each child can have his/her own room...there just seemed to be a little less mayhem and that was a nice change. I slept on the couch again last night but it was good as everyone else slept through the night and I got some solid rest.

Delaney's fever is gone this morning but she says her throat is still sore. I called the doctor's office promptly at 9 but the P.A. (physician's assistant???) isn't seeing children today. WTF? Why do they even call themselves a family practice if they don't treat *every* member of a family on all the days they have hours? So, now we have an appointment tomorrow morning. My guess is Delaney will be better by then. Basically, I want her checked for strep as I noticed some white spots on her tonsils last night and that concerns me.

As if one ill child wasn't enough, I noticed some redness on Henry's hindquarters this morning. *sigh* I called the vet and took him in to be seen at 10:30. The vet thinks it might be loss of blood flow because of how tight the center stitches are. He wants me to use some peroxide and bacitracin on the area over the week-end and then he wants to re-check it again on Monday morning.

Also this morning (can you tell it has been a busy one???), I had a man come and give me an estimate to remove our pine trees. His costs were much lower than the first company that came out. I have one or two more companies to call and hopefully, by the end of the summer, we'll have a nice pine-straw free yard! Next year we can put in a veggie garden!

Chores today: laundry and turtle tank. I had absolutely NO energy to clean that tank yesterday but it has got to get done today.

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