Thursday, May 08, 2008

Update on Henry

I just got back from the vet's office. Henry had some bloodwork done. I'm to call back on Monday to get those results and to schedule his surgery. Looks like this new tumor is the same hemangiopericytoma as last year. The vet recommends surgery immediately to try to remove it in the early days rather than us waiting. I'm so very sad to have to put Henry through surgery again. Poor old guy. I'm trying not to focus on being sad but I know our time with him is really limited now and I just want to cry.

Delaney and I went to Rose's today. We bought a few hanging plants, some bathing suits, and a new baby.

Ha! Just wanted to see if you were paying attention. Here is a photo of the darling below...

I have looked around quite a long time for a wheel barrow. This one was $35, which I felt was a very fair price. The twins and I have already used it to carry a big bag of coffee grounds (I got them at Starbuck's last week - free if you ask!) around the yard...I'm spreading them on some of the plants and on the grass. Anyway, as I was using it, I saw a price sticker on it that said $69.99. I don't know where Rose's gets their overstock's from, because obviously that's what this is, but I made out today! This thing is tough and sturdy. It was definitely worth waiting for!

Stopped into the Book Owl earlier today and picked up a few gardening books. I had to rush through there because it was almost time to go get the twinkies at school. The owner has a pretty good shop, too bad he doesn't serve coffee!

That's about it from here today. I didn't get anything accomplished. My spinning wheel isn't working right and in general, I'm frustrated and depressed. It's gray outside and much cooler than yesterday but very humid. My hair is crazy frizzy today.


Skein wound on the nostepinde.

Fuchsia at the front door. I got this at Harbaugh's greenhouses near my dad's house last week-end.

Rhododendron in bloom in our yard.

$6 basket from Rose's. Their plants and prices are awesome! This one just came in this morning.

Mailbox garden. See those big daisy things? I had to tie them up with some strips of pantyhose/nylon. They are HUGE and keep falling over!

Two photos of Tinna being a ham...

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Laura said...

Your poor dog! I will send good thoughts your way. It is always so hard when dogs get older and have health problems ... it's part of life, but it doesn't make it ONE BIT easier.