Friday, May 09, 2008


If Delaney's right handed and Tinna's left handed, what's William?

Yeah. I don't think he knows, either...but it's pretty amazing to watch him colour. This video was shot while he was at the table this morning. I didn't ask him to colour or prompt him in any way. I'm not sure he even knew I had the camera until the very end. I like how he can colour with both hands at the same time. Amazing.

Quiet day today. I've been doing laundry all day and earlier I spread some more used coffe grounds (UCGs) around the yard. I weeded the gardens a bit and put more soil around the tomatoes. It's been sprinkling off and on but nothing significant. We had a tornado watch this morning and northern NC had a warning. I cleaned out my bedroom closet so the kids and I could fit in there should we need to do that. It's my only interior "room" and we have no basement. Must say I felt safer when I lived in FL and we had the least we had lots of notice that they were on the way and with tornadoes, it's just not like that.

Not much else from here today. The dryer is buzzing so I guess it's time to go fold more clothes and I **really** need to workout today as I've been slacking so bad lately. Thank goodness it's Friday. I think Ash and I are going to the VA Beach Master Gardner plant sale tomorrow morning and then we're going to grill out together for dinner. At the sale, I'll be looking for some daisy fleabane (I saw this in a magazine where it was blooming in many colours but I cannot seem to locate such a thing online), delphinium, and foxglove for in the butterfly garden but I don't know if I'll find any.

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