Wednesday, May 07, 2008


OMG, is it hot today! The kids have been in their bathing suits since 7:30 this morning (it wasn't hot then, they are just nuts)! They spent a few hours outside today. Right now it is 84F. **84**!!! Do you know how hot that is? Almost 90F!'s like living in FL all over again. (What are the temps there now, Liz??? You've gotta be hitting 90F soon.) I'm sweating just thinking about it. I meant to get out today but I changed sheets on beds and tidied and vacuumed...and spun some of that little wool I purchased about the same time I purchased the wheel. It is so beautiful in the sunshine that I had visions of spinning pounds and pounds of it and plying it for something extremely gorgeous. Ahhh...but I must admit that I whined and complained to Liudwih earlier today about what a failure I am at spinning. Grrrr. I pre-drafted, started spinning, and everything was all twisting back on itself and lumpy and a heck of a lot thicker than I thought it would be! I don't know what I did wrong. I was definitely frustrated, but by the 4th little ball I was starting to get the hang of it...I think. Liudwih reassured me by telling me that even the Yarn Harlot started this same way...with the bumpiest, lumpiest yarn in the world. I had such high hopes of achieving laceweight immediately and being a stellar spinner. Ha! What was I thinking?! Maybe I need to have a little talk with Frigga tonight? Oh, I *did* remember to call about Mary's spinning classes and the lady at the arts center said the schedule hasn't been set yet, so I'll need to call again next week.

Besides that, this day has been very uneventful. For that, I'm thankful. It has been just as I wanted! I needed a quiet day at home to get caught up. Too bad Will had to wake up at 6:15 this morning! I really could have used the extra 30 minutes or so of sleep.

Tomorrow will be busy...twinkies have school, I have tons of laundry, Henry will see the vet at 2:30. He has a lump on his hindquarters where he had surgery last June. It is a hard tumor like what was there before. I'm hoping the vet won't have to operate immediately. I'm so sad that my first baby is getting so old. Too bad doggies can't live as long as people. My heart will really be broken when he is gone. He's the best dog in the world. I'll fill you in after the visit.

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liz said...

The high is 90 all week. Mom's pool is warm now so I guess summer is here!