Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The nøstepinde works!

Kind of a busy day today. Delaney and I went for groceries at the commissary where it turns out I paid $2.01 for a RED BELL PEPPER!!! When the heck did bell peppers become so expensive??? I think the girl had her hand on the scale or something when she rang it up. I'm miffed as I can't really take it back now. They wanted almost $3.00 for an avocado at Kroger's last week...I refused to buy it. Obviously, I was distracted by the Little Princess today. If prices keep going up like this, I will definitely be putting in a Victory Garden next summer where the pine trees are standing this year! (Because they will be coming down this summer, hopefully, and that will leave a BIG bare area full of sun...perfect for a vegetable garden.) We also stopped and washed the car since there's no sign of rain until later in the week.

Channa Masala for dinner tonight...this is a recipe from Liudwih. OMG, yummm!!! This is my second time making it, but instead of so many garbanzo beans, I used only one can and added in a box of frozen chopped spinach and a little extra channa masala powder. Over jasmine rice, it's to die for!!! They had some Garlic Naan at the commissary so I heated up a bit of that, too and shared it with the kids. What a cheap, filling, and delicious dinner. Beer accompanying dinner was Penn Brewery's "Oktoberfest"...KICK ASS beer!!! It tasted exactly like a Paulaner Hefeweissen. It doesn't get much better than that, my friends...oh...and while we are on the subject of beer...I have some insider knowledge that Iron City Brewing Company will soon be announcing that it is going under. Boo-hoo!

I've been learning how to use my nøstepinde today. Since I kind of need my bobbins to start spinning the new roving, I need to get the Plötulopi off. I don't have a ball winder so this is the next best way.

I'm going to be calling Mary Scott of Serendipity Farms tomorrow (if I can remember...note to self...write a note to call Mary tomorrow!). She teaches spinning workshops in this area and I'd really like to learn from her. I spoke to her at MD Sheep & Wool...thankfully, her farm and studio were spared from the tornadoes that went through here the other week. Her story was terrifying. To think those things were just 5 or 10 miles away and I was oblivious to it. (Another note to self...start listening to public radio more often!) Anyway, I'm hoping the times for the classes aren't too inconvenient. I'd really like to know what all I can do with this wheel!

That's about it for tonight. Tomorrow I plan to get caught up on housework. I'm going to try to not drive anywhere. Gas up at the Shell station is on sale on Thursday's and I'm getting close to E!


Laura said...

That looks yummy! Are your kids adventurous eaters?

Shannon said...

Thanks! I'll PM you the recipe on Ravelry. No, my kids aren't adventurous...they are still shy of "stingy" foods. I added extra channa masala powder so this one had a little kick. They like naan and pappadams (not sure how that is supposed to be spelled). Kids had hotdogs and baked beans for dinner. Only the mama eats well! =)