Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Henry's home

Well, dog boy made it home. (Thanks, Ash for watching the kids so I could bring him home peacefully!!!) He's not feeling well and has been whining and whimpering quite a bit. He seems to be better since I took the E-collar off of him awhile ago. I think that thing bothers him more than the incision itself. Anyway, can't leave it off him for long as I don't want him to start bugging his stitches...but as long as I'm with him, I'll keep it off. He'll go back in two weeks to have the stitches removed.

I'm struggling to stay awake here. The vet said to give Henry his pain meds at 6 and midnight...or as close as possible to those times. Ugh. I gave him the meds at 5:30 because he was crying so badly. I don't know if I can stay awake until midnight so I'm shooting for 11. I'm already nodding off...Tori's book isn't boring, I'm just tired! My throat is a little scratchy...combined with the tiredness...and being freezing cold all day...not a good thing! I think I'll make a cuppa in a few minutes and see how that does me. I'd really like nothing more than to curl up and go to sleep.

Look for an update tomorrow...that's all for tonight!


MariHana said...

So glad to hear that Henry is back home safe and sound!

Anonymous said...

Give Henry hugs and kisses from Grammy and Pappy. He is such a good dog. So glad he is okay.