Wednesday, May 14, 2008


The stitches are pretty scary, aren't they? So far so good, though. We had a very long night with Henry whining and wimpering for most of it. I put the E-collar on him before we went to bed...every hour or two he'd try to move and start wimpering. As soon as I was up (6:30) this morning I took the thing off and he hasn't complained much at all today. I really think it's his dislike of the collar that makes him cranky!

Not much here. Ash and Akemi came over this morning and I actually knitted for a bit. I'm pretty much done with my spinning until I get my two bobbins plied and wound into balls. Tried to ply them two nights ago but they just kept tangling so I have a lesson or two to learn before I can do it correctly!

I entertained ideas of mowing the lawn today because it was absolutely gorgeous earlier and Ash told me there is rain on the way starting tomorrow...but it's not really all that long and I don't want to kill what little grass we I think I'll wait until after this next weather system passes and then mow. Besides that, I'm really not feeling 100% AGAIN so I might as well wait. Not much else to report from here!

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