Tuesday, May 13, 2008


It's awfully quiet without "dog boy" around. I was very lonely last night...out of the normal rhythm. Usually I get the kids in bed and watch tv after that. Henry will often jump up on the couch beside me or lay on the floor at my feet (and lick my toes if my socks are off!). Then, before bed we go for a quick walk and come back in the house and I give him his glucosamine pill. None of that last night. I didn't know what to do with myself and felt quite lost. No need to get up early to walk him, either, so I had designs on sleeping in...but my only son thought better of that and got up at 6:15. Yay.

I did receive a call from the vet tech while Delaney and I were at the store this morning. The doctor had just finished looking at the xrays...no other masses...so they were getting ready to do the surgery. She was just calling to ask me if I wanted Henry's teeth cleaned while he was under anesthesia. Hopefully things will go well (I'm guessing the surgery part is over by now as she called around 10:15) and I'll be picking him up later this afternoon. Poor old boy. I've already warned the kids that he won't want to be bothered...I just hope they will listen.

Busy day today. We got groceries, I came home and made lunch for Laney, got her on the bus, put away groceries...tidied up the living room and vacuumed the rooms I think Henry will be in most...picked up the twinkies at school (William had to move his name AGAIN because he cannot keep his hands to himself) and now we've just finished lunch. I have some laundry to put away and I want to get my bedroom straightened up a bit. I also got a shipment from Amazon.com today so now my spinning book is here and I'm looking forward to sitting down and trying to figure out how to ply this yarn I just spun. I ordered Tori Spelling's book "sTori Telling" so that's really what I'm planning for this evening...just sit and be with Henry and read. Perfect night.

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