Friday, May 02, 2008

Almost out of here!

It's 7:20 as I write this and I have a lot to do before 9:00, which is the time I'd like to leave the house! MD Sheep & Wool, here we come!!! Sorry to all of you friends out there who live too far away...but don't worry, I'll give you the full report when I get back on Sunday.

Yesterday was busy, busy, busy...twinkies went to school, Delaney went to school...we picked strawberries to take to PA to Pappy & Grammy and Auntie Lori. I had to make a stop at Best Buy to get a converter that will allow me to play my iPod in the car and then to the pet store to get fish for Abbey (our turtle). Back home to do laundry, take care of kids, and pack. Oh, yeah, and everyone had baths BEFORE you know I was hustling yesterday morning!

I was pretty much beat again last night. Awake this morning at 6:30 thinking "Ugh. Not yet." I really need to try to start sleeping before 11:30 at night!!! Maybe next week, eh?

So...anyway...I'm almost outta here...hopefully I'll see some of you in MD!!! Waaaa-hoooo. Sheep, wool, fiber, spindles, Ravelry, Maggie out...HERE WE COME!!!

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