Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Oh my gosh, am I beat tonight! We were outside almost all day today. It was a bit chilly mid-day but very sunny with low humidity. I divided a hosta and replanted it. Dug up another one that I wasn't happy with and moved it. Moved the dicentra and it actually split in two so now I have plants in two places. I thinned out the plants at the mailbox - mostly Dusty Miller's and those big daisies (I think, but really, I still don't know exactly what they are). The daisies had gotten so big that they were on the I just cut those out. Don't know if it will hurt them and really don't care as they are hiding a gorgeous sedum and a few pinks. I'm thinking that pruning will just make them grow stronger. We'll see. Tinna wanted to go out to the store so we ended up going to Home Depot. I was after a bird bath for the rose garden but I didn't find one that wasn't made of concrete. I've seen a blue glass one in a catalog so I guess I'll just have to order it...that's kind of what my mind is set on now. At HD, I picked up a few more sun-loving plants for the bee & butterfly garden and also a few impatiens for in the shade garden at the front of the house. I also got a red bell pepper plant. Oh, yeah, and I put the three tomato plants into the herb garden today so we'll see how they do there. Phew!

I spun for awhile this afternoon and evening and finished up Liudwih's Plötulopi. Now I just have to use my nostepinde to get it into center-pull balls for her. Yay. Then it's on to some of the roving. I'm still knitting on the Truly Tasha shawl here and there but I'm not as gung-ho as I had been. It's too nice to get outside when the sun is shining! I just cannot get enough of our yard. I really love this house and property and I'm very happy here. I have a lot of ideas for what I'd like to see happen and I really hope we can stay here forever.

MD Sheep & Wool is in two days! Woo-hoo! I'm hoping I get to meet some of my Ravelry buddies on Saturday. I also saw on the schedule that Maggie Sansone is playing at the fest on lucky can I get!?!? I'll be grabbing any of her CDs that I don't already have.


Laura said...

Have fun at MS&W! I'm hoping I can find a Ravelry nametag and maybe I'll run into ya!

Ulrike said...

I try not to be jealous about MD Sheep and Wool *and* the Maggie Sansone gig. I guess I will have to listen to the CDs.
But on the plus side: my husband has some free days (yesterday was a german holiday) and we will begin to get the real garden work done, which includes lots of earth and plant movements in big style. My apple tree blooms rather magically and I have a rhubarb cake in the oven, so there's lots of family and spring bliss here, too.
I wish you tons of fun!