Monday, May 05, 2008

I went for wool...

But it's always about the music!

MD Sheep and Wool is HUGE. I don't think I anticipated just HOW huge it would be. Here's what it looked like coming off the highway...

And below is just some of the parking lot!!!

I was completely overwhelmed by the amount of fleece, roving, and yarn...and much so, that I only bought 3 things. Two bits of roving (made of Merino and Tencel see photos below as they are GORGEOUS) and a pretty beaded orifice hook for my spinning wheel. That's it. Oh, and I bought 3 Border Collie cuddlies for the kids and a few of Maggie Sansone's CDs, but not much in the wool department. You'd think I would have gone crazy with everything that was available, but I didn't...and I'm rather proud of myself for that. Next year, however, it could likely be a different story! =)

Kids had a pretty fun week-end even though most of it was spent in the car. 4-Wheeler rides at Pappy's house (the hit of the week-end), live music at the wool fest, dinner at Mountain Gate and ice cream for dessert. I even fit in a quick trip to Harbaugh's greenhouses in Sabillasville, MD, where I bought a fuscia to hang at the front door, a rugosa rose "Hansa", and a weigela bush. It was a quick week-end but the weather was decent and we all enjoyed ourselves.

Maggie Sansone was awesome, of course, but we also discovered a new group called The Martin Family Band. They play "Old-Time" and Irish music...and I've already ordered a copy of their CD on! Here's the link where you can read a little bit about them. CDBaby page Martin Family Band and Martin Family myspace page. Below is a video I took of them playing.

Photos from the week-end:

I won't even go into my garden in this post, except to say things are doing well (except the poor JFK rose, which is now completely black and looking quite dead). There are blossoms on the raspberry plants, which I didn't expect to see this year. I wonder if we will get a berry or two? Fun, fun! I'll blog about the garden later...right now I'm off to give kids baths and get Delaney to finish up last week's homework.

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