Tuesday, April 29, 2008


You KNOW what's about to happen here, right???

Twinkies and I went to the newly discovered garden center today. Don't think I'll be taking them there again. Tinna kept running away from me and laughing, both of them kept touching the plants and putting rocks in every single water fountain they saw! It's very frustrating when they behave this way and I can't quite beat them in public. ARRGH!!! I bought 3 different types of tomato plants (Big Beef, Beefsteak, and an Heirloom called Brandywine) since our seedlings were washed out again with last night's storms. If the seedlings manage to grow, I think I'll probably become a tomato seller. We also got Salvia called "Red Hot Sally" and yellow marigolds that the kids picked out. Prices were kind of high. I'm still looking for purple coneflower...the guy said he had one as I was checking out but the kids were being so naughty that I just passed on it...and anyway, I want to check Home Depot and see if they have one cheaper. I looked at peonies (Sarah Bernhardt) but they wanted $29.99 per plant and I just think that is ridiculous. I also remembered that my Great Uncle John has a field full of peonies so I'm going to try to get some from him this summer when I go home to PA. Would be nice to have some of them since they were my great-grandfather's years ago and he used to sell them. (The cut flowers, that is...if I'm correct in my understanding of it all)

Delaney is sporting a cool tattoo that Aunt Debbie bought for her. I'm thinking of getting one just like it. Nah, not really, but I *am* considering a tat for myself...I just don't know what...or where. Any suggestions?

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