Monday, April 07, 2008

Giada's a goddess - Part II

Italian Fish & Veggie Pockets - delish! Photos below. (By the way, I used a 6 oz salmon filet)

Relatively quiet day. Ran to Kroger for milk and bread. Changed sheets on Will & Tinna's beds...never made it to mine or Delaney's. Ash came over and the kids all played while we knitted...then we turned on the Wii and played carnival games. Sooo much fun! Skee ball seems to be the best game so far. My scores are pitiful. I can't wait to see if I bowl as bad on the Wii as I do in real life!

After they left, we walked the dog and I made dinner. Kids didn't want fish so they had chicken nuggets and french fries. Tinna tasted the fish but didn't like it. Oh well...more for me! It was really yummy and I'll definitely make it again (and again and again). One suggestion, I think a side of pilaf would make the dish complete.

The mushroom stones were a gift from my friend Tricia who visited us on Saturday. Her mom paints for fun and I saw some of her really cute rocks when I was at Tricia's on my birthday. I asked her if she thought her mom might make me mushroom rocks and here they are! Sooo cute, don't you think? (Yes, I have a thing for mushrooms - these will be PERFECT in my shade garden!)


Liudwih said...

That is eough to make me eat fish! Geesh I've been craving fish lately.

usnpao said...

Hmm... Lemme see... Salmon... blech... peppers... blech, blech... Chicken nuggets and freinch fries... YAY!!!!!!

Shannon said...

Liudwih: you should eat some. Maybe it won't bother you as much as the chicken. You certainly cannot go wrong with the benefits of the Omega 3's!

Usnpao: You need to have your tongue scraped. Seriously, I used to detest salmon but now I'm finding it agreeable so I'm going with it. Maybe this was the year my tastebuds changed??? I'm sure you could make this dish with tuna or any meatier fish. Giada used trout in the recipe (not sure I'd be keen on that!).