Wednesday, April 09, 2008

C'mon, sun...SHINE!!!

It was a relatively quiet night last night. I watched Giada (I have a number of episodes saved on my DVR), chatted with Liudwih on the phone for a few minutes, walked the dog and went to bed. I had a good night of sleep. Woke up today and still NO SUN. Damn, the SAD is getting to me now. I need to SEE some SUN!!! I need to dig in my garden!

I had to pick up Delaney at school yesterday because another child accidentally poked her in the eye with a piece of paper. The nurse suggested her cornea *might* be scratched but she said Delaney would be writhing in pain if that was the case. The nurse suggested waiting an hour before going to the doctor. Delaney came in the house and immediately started running around and playing, and there were no more complaints about pain in the eye, so we skipped the doctor. No ooey gooey stuff coming out of her eye and she hasn't mentioned it yet this morning, so I'm thinking she's just fine.

I received an email that my spinning wheel was shipped yesterday so I'm expecting it to arrive later in the week. The lady said she included some roving for me to practice with. Yay!!! I can't wait for it to get here!

No big plans for today except to go outside to do a tribal sunshine the nude if I have to. (kidding...kinda)


usnpao said...

:-P Tribal Dance... Now THAT would make for some nice pics. It certainly would make a nice scene setter for my upcoming present. ;-) Lori, you're my hero.

Aunt Lori said...

Can't wait to see the footage on the news. Shannon WHO?

Liudwih said...

Grabbing camera.

Shannon said...

You are a bunch of pitiful people.

Liudwih said...

Hey I was goingto offer to bring the war paint too. But I refrained!