Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A small bowl of cinnamon-y goodness!

I was hungry for rice for lunch today. I was tempted to eat it plain or with a little Thai sweet pepper sauce on it, but then I remembered the Yahoo article I saw yesterday about "Easy Ways to Spice Up Your Rice". I was particularly tempted by the South African Yellow Rice with Cinnamon and Raisins. I didn't feel like cooking it on the stovetop, so I threw everything into my rice pot and turned it on. It turned out pretty well! I used Nishiki rice instead of long-grain as called for in the recipe but everything else was pretty much the same. Photo below.

It's getting gray outside and about 50F today. William and Tinna are outside playing with Will's new bat and ball. (plastic set from the Dollar Tree) We took a look at our pansies and the yellow ones are HUGE. I can't believe they survived the winter. Very hardy things, they are.

Not much else going on. It's been a quiet day. Delaney is at school and I'm just trying to relax in hopes of feeling better. I think I'm going to be heading to the doctor Friday since my dad and Kathy will be here and can watch the kids for me.

Photos: South African rice and a picture Delaney has been working on. (it came home from school yesterday but she added all of the colour to it this morning while the twins were at school - she took the photo and asked me to post it to my blog for the world to see. the kid will definitely be in Hollywood someday.)

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