Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Poor Tinna!

Now Tinna's barfing. Poor girl. I thought the girls were safe at this point. Ugh. She is sleeping out here on the couch right now...I might move her into my bed later so I can try to get some sleep, too. Since she shares a room with Delaney, I didn't want her waking Delaney if she got up as many times as William did last Wednesday night. Oh, and Delaney feels feverish and has the beginnings of a cold. My bets are on cold AND stomach virus as it is obvious her resistance is low. I'm telling you March is a NASTY month. Always has been, always will be. I hate March.

Now the big question is: will we all be well enough to hold the big birthday party on Saturday?!?!


MariHana said...

Oh, poor Tinna! Poor YOU! Hope you can get some sleep tonight... Hang in there, and I have my fingers crossed that you're not re-infected!

Shannon said...

The night went better than expected. She was sick around 8:45 and I put her in my bed after that and went to walk the dog. She was sound asleep before I even got out the door! I got in bed at 9:00 and she didn't get sick again. She tossses and turns like mad, and that coupled with the lava lamp I had turned on (so we could see if she had to get up again), kept me in and out of sleep. Still, it was much easier than the night William was sick and I had to jump out of bed and run into his room all night long! At any rate, the girl woke up with a smile on her face and a "Good morning Mommy!" She's the happiest little kid I know.

Aunt Lori said...

Boy, I am now glad we just waved hello while passing by the Norfolk exit on our way home on Monday!

Your mantra for the month of March:
~This Too Shall Pass~