Wednesday, March 19, 2008

When it rains...

An hour ago I received a call from the school nurse to please come pick up Delaney as she was complaining of a stomach ache and running a low-grade fever. It actually turns out that she has a runny nose and low-grade fever. I think the stomach ache is a by-product of the impending cold. (yeah, right...I can hope, can't I?)

So, last night went very well in terms of sick children. I actually have to count this one as a blessing. Tinna was ill from 7pm - 9pm, with her last episode of vomiting occuring at 8:45, after which I walked the dog and she slept in my bed. When I crawled into bed at 9:03, she was sacked and remained that way all night, except for a few minor tosses and turns. Oh, thank goodness!

Grandma & Grandpa NY were supposed to come visit us this afternoon after 3pm. I called them last night to tell them that Tinna was throwing up. They haven't phone yet today but I spent the day cleaning house anyway. Bathrooms are done, rooms are vacuumed (except for girls' room and playroom - they're too messy and I didn't feel up to putting away all of those little itty bitty Polly Pocket parts!). I even went so far as to vacuum the FROG (Finished Room Over Garage), AND mop the kitchen floor. I know it sounds almost over the top but I have a house full of guests in the next 3 days and I needed to do as much as I could while I had a bit of energy. I still have dusting and minor kid-shit to put away but I'm sure that will happen before the party on Saturday afternoon so I'm not that worried at this point. The people who are coming to stay love me whether the house is dirty OR clean. I still wanted to give it the good ole college try, though!

One cute photo from last night. Tinna fell asleep against me during storytime. Delaney brought Tinna's pillow out to the couch and I put her down and covered her up. After Delaney and William were in bed, Henry jumped up to sleep by Tinna. Very sweet.

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