Friday, March 14, 2008

Now it's my turn!

Yup. Now *I'm* sick. So far it's not vomiting, and I can deal with that! Headache, body ache and other yucky stuff. The girls have been spared til now but I'm starting to wonder if Tinna's not getting sick because she is cranky as hell today. Yay. Just when I thought I might be able to get out the door for some groceries and a trip to the PO...well...we'll have to see what happens after Delaney goes to school.

Had to frog another two rows of my hat last night. Obviously, I cannot knit more than k2,p2 when the kids are awake and in my face. I found one mistake and am hoping that was the cause of my problems. It still needs some analyzing but by 9:45 last night, I was just too tired to even see straight, let alone try to fix any more knitting screw-ups.

TGIF. The ONLY thing we have to do this week-end is a birthday party tomorrow afternoon (which means I DO need to get out to the store for a gift card...hmmm). I guess I should try to do some laundry before Sunday. Monday, we will be heading up to Williamsburg to see Grandpa and Grandma New York (yep, that's what they are called!!!). Hope we are all well by that time!

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sue said...

Grandpa and Grandma New York is not all that strange. I had Grandma and Grandpap Pittsburgh and Grandma and Grandpap Florida! Grandma Florida is now living in Pittsburgh, but she is still Grandma Florida!