Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy 6th Birthday, Delaney!

It's been a busy few days. We had a nice visit with Donnie & Kristina who stopped by on their way to NY. Pappy & Grammy are here, too, and besides helping me do all of the kid stuff, Grammy has helped me hang some new curtains. She even custom made one for my backdoor (with help from a $5 panel we found at Wal-Mart!). Today was the big birthday bash for all 3 kids. Everyone had a GREAT time. There was a magic show by Uncle Jimmy followed by balloon creations by Ryan the Balloon Guy. I'm completely wiped out from all of the work and excitement of the past 3 days and I'm heading to bed very soon. I really only stopped in to say there are new photos on Flickr. So...go look at them!

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Rose said...

Wow--absolutely, completely, too amazing! The look on the kids' faces during the magic show! The most incredible balloon creations I've ever seen! The cake! The dogs! (who are those cute dogs?) The kids all looked so happy. Thanks for sharing these delightful photos--feel like I was there! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!