Saturday, March 29, 2008


As predicted, we had a few thunderstorms roll through here last night and the temperatures are closer to normal for this time of year. High today of 52F. It's drizzly right now and still a bit windy. To me, this is PERFECT weather for being outside and walking. I can't wait for the kids to be a bit older so they can sit alone while *I* get out for my daily constitutional.

Kids spent quite a few hours outside yesterday. Lots of watering plants in the garden and throwing sand in each other's eyes. Everyone had quick rinse-off baths before Hannah Montanna last night. It was quite a lovely day and hit 82F by the afternoon. Once my laundry was finished and we walked the dog in the early evening, I had a quick go around the yard to see what was going on. It made me think about my mother, who I never really blogged about except to say she visited us or something like that (sad history there, folks), but she was a Master Gardener and I guess I should have written down everything she said about my yard the one time she came to visit me here in VA.

I might go out later today and try to plant some bulbs while the ground is a bit wet. It's so sandy here that the moisture doesn't stick around for long and trying to dig this dirt is often like trying to dig through concrete. I need to build some muscles! are the photos I took yesterday.

Some early spring violets that we dug along the woods up the street. We thought the fairies might like them.

Green appearing from below the earth...I think this is a hosta but honestly, I cannot remember. I didn't think anything from this bed survived the children's wrath.

What is left of the small bed behind the house...hosta shoots and a tiny astilbe shoot. The kids have been threatened with death if they dig around in this area again.

The raspberry bushes are starting to grow! This is very exciting as I thought one of them was dead. Both have green leaves appearing, but this is the best one.

William watering the garden.

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