Friday, March 28, 2008


Go figure. As fate would have it, Liudwih is unable to come out to my house this afternoon. What a bummer. She isn't feeling well and one of her girls has strep throat. Better that they stay away, we don't need any more illnesses at this point in time. Still, I'm sad that I've missed the opportunity to see the girls while they were here in VA visiting.

Guess I'll have to turn to this. It was sent to me by my dear friend Helena in Iceland.

Sex and chocolate...all in the same box!!! Well...that has to be the way to bring a smile to any girl's face. Seriously, though, "Bonus" is the name of a chain of grocery stores in Iceland and "sexa" is the number six. There are six pieces of chocolatey goodness in this package, which was waiting for me upon my return from PA. Yummmy! So far, I've tasted the one with the coconut. The inside is a very light marshmallow filling. Delicious.

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