Friday, March 28, 2008

More on alpaca

I've been busy this morning. Doing laundry, vacuuming, general tidying of the house. Liudwih and her girls might come out this afternoon to provide emotional support and help while I block my Pel sweater. (and we'll cook some chana masala Yummmm!) After the sweater is finally blocked, I'll be able to add the sleeves and *maybe* I'll be able to wear it once or twice before summer sets in...which is what it is going to feel like around here this afternoon. Predicitions of 80F! Niiice. I have my windows open and am taking advantage of airing out the house. It is very windy, though, so I still cannot get my yard cleaned up. Need to do it soon as the grass is beginning to get green and long and will have to be mowed in another week or two at the most.

Below are a few photos I took in the early morning sun light.

Progress on the Truly Tasha's Shawl - I just started in on the 2nd skein.

Alpaca in natural colouring from Annapaca Farm. This is also 20% silk and was spun with fibre from "America" and "Shasta", two of the resident Alpacas.

Raw alpaca fleece, unwashed, uncarded, unspun.

Roving that has been carded and is ready to be spun. I'll do this with a drop spindle unless someone who loves me decides to buy me a spinning wheel. (hint, hint)

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