Monday, March 31, 2008

Active or destructive?

You tell me. I walked into the boy's room earlier and found THIS.

I get tired of this behaviour and I really don't know what to do about it. He said it was an accident that he was trying to close his curtains, but c'mon, he had to have yanked pretty damn hard to do damage like that. I'm picturing him hanging on them and trying to swing. Grrrr. Lucky for his butt, I was able to bend them pretty much back into shape. At least to the point that it will do for now.

Has anyone else out there watched so much kid tv that they've suddenly realized that Selena Gomez (Wizard's of Waverly Place) played a character named "Gianna" on Barney & Friends? Yup. It hit me today "Man, she realllly looks like that girl on Barney", so I checked IMDB and there it was. One particular episode sticks in my mind where Gianna is dressed as an astronaut and heading into space. Really, I need to get a life!

Also, I wanted to post a photo of Liudwih's chana masala. YUMMY stuff! She got the recipe from a cooking class she took at Rajput in Norfolk. Next time, I'm trying this with chicken. The flavour is unbelievable.


Debbie B said...

OK, I have to take the boy's side on this one. It absolutely looks to me like he was trying to "close" the curtain. What he failed to include in that sentence was that he was trying to close it up by the curain rod (that is non disclosure...not a lie). I like to refer to it as creative explaining.


Shannon said...

No, he's not really THAT tall. He had to have been HANGING ON IT!!! I think he was playing Tarzan.

Anonymous said...

You have an extra curtain rod from the double rod in the kitchen. It may fit if it is not too long. Kathy