Thursday, February 21, 2008

Yarn, of course!

1 more increase and 5cm left on the first Pel sleeve. Wooo-hoo! This sucker should be done in another week (if luck and timing holds).

Had to convince Delaney that she wanted to go to school today. She has a cough and wanted to stay home...but she also wants to go to Math & Science Night at school tonight. I told her if she stayed home today she wouldn't be able to go to Kindermusik OR Math & Science she opted to suck it up and get on the bus. I'll keep her home tomorrow if she's still hacking. I think she needs a day of peace and quiet...not that she will get it at our house. If you know us and know our kids, you'd understand. There's just never a quiet or dull moment around here!

Photos below of Cascade Yarn from Ash and the almost-completed Pel sleeve.

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