Friday, February 22, 2008


Today. It's gray and raining. 8:15, Tinna is still sleeping. Why can't the other two sleep this long??? Oh, how I would love a day to sleep until 8:15...but seriously, I don't think my body could do it. I almost always wake up around 7. Hell, I was up at 5:15 yesterday! *sigh* I was going to go get my blood-draw today but at 7:30, I drank my coffee and said "screw it, I'll go next week". Who wants to go out in rain when they don't have to? Besides, I really need a sit-still kind of day. I'm sick, Delaney's hacking up her lungs...I think the twins are still ok. My house is wrecked so I need to take care of that soon AND I need to clean the turtle tank today. Ick. World's most disgusting task. I didn't get the Pel sleeve done last night...I watched Survivor and was in bed before 10. I'm going to go try to finish that up now. Thank god it's Friday...that's all I have left to say.

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