Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Afternoon review

I won't go on and on tonight about the status of my well-being except to say that I did fit in a short "light" work-out this afternoon. 20 minutes into it, my voice of reason (ie, Liudwih) phoned. "Whatcha doin'?" Me: "Working out. I'll go easy." Her: "OOO-K. Did the doctor say you could?" Me: "Ummm, no. But he didn't say I couldn't." Her: "Did you ask???" Me: "Ummm, no but I promise, I won't overdo it" and then there was further discussion as to how I probably should skip the crunches and push-ups and weights for today...and probably tomorrow...and maybe even the next day...or at least until I'm feeling 100% better. But hey, I feel good that I did sneak in a 30 minute bike ride. So, :-P

Late in the afternoon I called Ashley to tell her I couldn't find Evan's coat. It's been missing in action for a few days and she thought maybe it was here. It wasn't. The playroom isn't even that messy right now so I would know if it was down there. Patrick answered the phone when I called. It always throws me when he answers because I'm used to saying "Hey, it's me" and when it's him, he wouldn't know who "me" is so I have to stop and process a man's voice and try to remember his name without sounding stupid or thrown off balance. Anyway, he said Ash was at the store and would be coming to my house soon. Weird. I was half-hoping she'd show up with dinner for us!!! Hahaha! But when she got out of her car, the kids started screaming "Why does Miss Ashley have a balloon?" and she came walking up the steps with a "Happy Birthday" balloon AND a gift for me! All because she won't be able to see me on my actual birthday (which is Saturday for those of you who'd like to flood my comments section with well wishes!) because I'm going to my friend Tricia's for the afternoon. How sweet! See photos below of what I got...Cascade bulky alpaca yarn in a beautiful dark teal colour (and I'm going back to the store ASAP to get another skein...THIS is what I'm planning on making with that...a dreadlock hat...too cute!!!), Brittany needles, a box of Mauna Loa candies (because she's from Hawaii), and a Hello Kitty key cap (to feed my insane love of the kitty kat). I feel so spoiled. What a great friend! Thanks, Ash!!!

Oh, and a quick confession. I was planning on treating myself to a massage for my birthday but I'm going to have to skip it now because I bought a new dress on etsy today. Photo below. I have seriously debated this dress for a month now and finally went for it (again, my voice of reason, ie Liudwih, helped me make a final decision "It's soooo cute! It will be sooo cute at Midsummer!!!"). I seriously cannot believe no one has bought it before now. I just cannot wait for it to get here so I can try it on!

Photos: Cascade alpaca - the colouring is off in the photo so I will try to take one in the sunlight tomorrow if possible. Mauna Loa macadamia nut candies (yummy - the kids liked them, too!). Brittany needles. Hello Kitty key cap. New dress.

What a great day. I'm happy. And exhausted. It's time to go knit.

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