Thursday, February 07, 2008

Yard work

Temps only dropped about 15 degrees overnight leaving us with mid-60's today. Absolutely beautiful weather! Pappy cleaned out the gutters and I raked the backyard. Ashley came over to give us some treats for Chinese New Year (she's part Chinese), our kids all played outside and she even helped me rake the yard for a bit. How nice was that?! I'm happy the backyard is finally done. My kids have been outside all day and so have I. I think I actually have mild sunburn on my arms.

Music classes tonight. I soon have to start thinking about dinner for everyone. Delaney just got home. Busy day in that I worked hard and only sat down twice but quiet in that I didn't have to go anywhere. I bet I'll sleep well tonight!

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Laura said...

The weather today was ridiculously nice! I think I got sunburned too - I was outside for several hours running!