Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Pappy's work is never done...

I left my house and headed out to Deb's this morning around 9:45. Got stuck in tunnel traffic and sat there for almost 30 minutes. What a pain in the butt! I didn't even get out to VA Beach until about 10:45 or so. We got the job done, though...loaded the van, delivered her stuff to her new digs, and by 11:20 I was on my way back home. Quick stop at Kroger's for some food, then home to make lunch. After lunch we went out to Lowe's where I tried to find new blinds for the backdoor. No luck, but we did find a replacement mailbox (because mine lets in the rain and I hate soggy mail) and Pappy had to put that up this afternoon. I also came home with two raspberry bushes. Photos below to prove I can handle manual labour. The bushes are now planted in the herb bed where they will receive full sun and hopefully be happy.

I'm finally sitting down. What a darn long day. I still have to make it through dinner, homework, baths, and bedtime rituals. It's almost 80F here today but very, very windy. There are supposed to be storms rolling through later this evening. Kids are outside loving life. It's so nice, I wish we could grill and just sit outside to eat.

Here are a few new photos: the Home Sweet Home hanging came from a Yule swap I participated in. A magic bunny washcloth I made for a friend's baby. My hands, dirty from gardening (love it - my OWN garden, finally!). William looking at the new raspberry bushes. Tinna smiling. All garden photos by Delaney.

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