Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Yes, I'm recovering from Saturday night's ordeal. I haven't had to take the Meclizine since Sunday evening but I'm still so tired and sleeping like a log at night, which is really a change for me. For the most part, the dizziness is gone (Mel or Lori, no comments, please). My blood pressure seems to be back to normal (114/80 today, rather than the 88/60 from Saturday night). I saw the doctor today and will now be on Flonase and Claritin for the rest of my life. I took two sniffs of the Flonase about 20 minutes ago and already my cough/clearing throat issue has subsided. At any rate, he wants me to come back in a day or two for a fasting blood draw...this is to measure for diabetes and cholesterol levels. I did inform him of my heart palpitations so he is prepared to hook me up to a Holter monitor for 24 hours when those start up again. I think I will be relieved to get that over with and have some answers. I'll also be taking care of some much needed "female" items as well. I've been sooooo bad about my own health since the twins were born, I guess it's coming back around at me now. That was my dr visit in a nutshell.

Tonight is gardening night. My plan is to get the kids in bed and knit for a while then dive into the three new gardening magazines that I've recently acquired. A new issue of Backyard Living (this subscription was a gift from my mom), Martha Stewart Living's Gardening Issue (just arrived today - standing subscription, although I might drop it next year because I rarely read the thing and in all honesty, there are other magazines I'd just rather have in it's place), and Easy-Care Gardens & Plans (I picked this up today at Kroger's because I like the idea of having the plans already created by others and all I need to do is purchase the plants and dig the ground!) I keep eyeing up the front of the house and I know I need to do something out there. Temps are still a bit too cold and it can always snow in March so I'm just trying to get ideas for now. What I would love is a big old English Garden out there but I'm not going to invest that much time or energy until I know if I'm staying here forever or not!!!

Right now, the girls are watching "A Secret Garden" and just finished "A Little Princess", both of which were favourite books of mine as a child. The movies seem rather slow, so I'm very surprised to see them sitting still for so long. They are playing "ponies" (My Little Pony ponies) while they watch, so maybe they aren't really even paying attention. This version of "A Secret Garden" has Dame Maggie Smith in it.

That's about all of the big news from here. I don't see too much excitement in the rest of the week but one never knows!

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