Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I have not had this for years and years and was very surprised when I saw it at Farm Fresh today. Herlocher's Dipping Mustard "Sweet & Rough" (yeah, baby!), made in State College, PA! It was expensive, $3.99, but you KNOW I grabbed up a jar for myself. There is no price too high when it comes to pleasing my stomach. Yummm yumm! This will be a great treat with some pretzels later this afternoon. Also purchased to please my stomach: a small bag of Salt & Vinegar potato chips. Maybe the salt will cure the queasiness I've had all day. That's the hope anyway. And the ginger tea...purchased for the same reason. I'm just not feeling right. Hopefully it was the new vitamin I took this morning.

I'm trying to get life back to normal here. Obviously we went out to Farm Fresh and a stop at the P.O. I'm going to attempt an easy work-out later this afternoon.

The weather is beautiful here - 50's and gorgeous sunshine - kids are outside playing. They need the fresh air after the past few days stuck inside.

Funny photo below of Tinna from Sunday morning when she got a hairbrush stuck in her hair.


NavyPAO said...

Who's the bearded stranger?!?

Shannon said...

That's Svan! He grows a beard in the winter.

NavyPAO said...


Liudwih said...

That brush was really in there too!! But she was really good about letting me get it out!