Monday, February 18, 2008


the buzz of beer without the calories! I'm completely wiped out today. I cannot decide if it is because of the meclizine or the virus that I supposedly have, but I have no energy to deal with these three kids. They've been pretty good just hanging out and doing crafts on their own...I didn't even fight with them about using glue and scissors today so they're happy. We had one instance of William biting Delaney and then William hitting Tinna at he's been in time out twice. Ugh. I'm about to start their baths...and hopefully waste a few of the afternoon hours that way. It's rainy and gray so they can't really go out to play. I've been doing laundry and sitting down to knit or close my eyes in between loads...but when I try to knit, I practically fall asleep. I'm cooking up some acorn squash right now but I have no appetite. I think it's going to be grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for dinner. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow. I have a doctor appointment at 1pm. Let's hope I can drive!!!

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