Monday, February 25, 2008

Week-end review

Oh my god what a busy week-end! Saturday we left the house around 11:15 to drive out to Knit Wits. I picked up a ball of yarn and headed over to Tricia's. (Sorry, Mary, I couldn't spend the money to add to the stash...but never's only 2 months until MD Sheep & Wool!) It was nice to see Tricia and her family. Stephanie (Delaney's very first babysitter) is all grown up now and in college. She played with the kids and did a craft with them so I could have some adult conversation. Sooo nice. Tricia gifted me with a small Longaberger basket filled with tea. I can see that it will be a very nice way to present a selection of teas to guests. Awesome. We left Tricia's house around 4:15 or home, walked the dog, and I ordered pizza and wings for my birthday dinner. I didn't even go pick up the pizza, that's how lazy I was on Saturday night. I was still feeling quite run down so it was an early-to-bed night.

Yesterday, Delaney and Tinna were up at 6:20. 6:20!!! Ugh. I walked the dog, fed the kids, and was cleaning house by 8am. It pretty much took me all day to clean because this place was trashed out with kids junk. Around noon, Liudwih called to ask if I could keep N. in the afternoon because V. was sick and she needed to take him to the hospital. N. got here and the kids all played outside for at least an hour and a half. They didn't have lunch until almost 2pm. If you know me, you know I'm pretty anal about feeding my kids in between 12 and 12:30! It was soooo nice and quiet inside! At any rate, we were the hosts of this month's blot and I was expecting a house full of people (hence all of the cleaning)...but in reality, I went overboard with the cleaning and it turned out to be just Liudwih/V/Svan and me and the 5 kids. The folks who could care the least! (Not that I think anyone in the kindred truly cares about the state of my house ...but I care and I want everyone to feel comfortable in my home...if that makes sense.) I started cooking my Icelandic fish soup around 4:15. Liudwih and V. got back from the hospital around 5-5:30...then V. had to drive back over to work to turn in his sick chit...Svan arrived around 6:30 and started cooking some salmon. This salmon turned out to be very good. I've tried salmon numerous times and never liked it before...but this was delicious. He boiled it with some salt and onion and just added pepper at the end. Apparently this is the Icelandic way to make all kinds of fish. With the fish, he adds a side of sauerkraut dressed up with horseradish (sounds kind of iffy but it is delicious). While the salmon was cooking, there was a story about Thor for the kids, Liudwih and I knitted and talked food. Once V. got back, the adults bloted and then we feasted and talked for quite awhile. All in all, a very nice evening. Kids didn't get to bed until late (9ish). Adults talked longer with everyone leaving here around 10:30. Phew!

Today is laundry day. I might run out to Sam's to get some apples as we only have 3 left in the fridge and very little else that I could call "raw" food. Kids are currently in the playroom playing Marble Run. Time to hit the shower!


Do you think they are scared?

Long Hammer India Pale Ale. Appropriate for Thor's blot, yes?!

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