Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Monday, Monday

There wasn't too much going on yesterday. I got Delaney off to school, hopefully solved the Verizon problem (someone has place an order to have phone service installed at our address. we already have phone service. the most likely problem is that they used "court" instead of "street". grrrr.). Around 11, I called Ashley to see if she wanted to go to Sam's Club with me after lunch. We had to wait until that later time because V. left his cell phone here Sunday night and was on his way to get it. So...kids and I had lunch, then met Ash at Sam's around 1:15. I got grapes, mandarin oranges, apples, bananas, juice boxes for Laney's lunch box, snack cookies for the kids, a box of mixed border Dahlia tubers and a HUGE bag of mixed coloured Gladiolus bulbs. Ash promised to come and provide emotional support on planting day! =) Those are all going near my fence line at the front of the house. I can't wait until "all threat of frost" is over!

After Sam's, we came back home, Ash picked up Evan at school and they all came to our house to hang out and play. We got some knitting time in as the kids behaved pretty well and played outside the whole time. Then it was dinnertime, storytime, bedtime. My favourite time of day! William was up at 4:30 this morning to pee. Thankfully, I didn't have trouble falling back to sleep again. Up at 6:40 to walk the dog. It's almost 8 now...Tinna is still sleeping but Delaney and Will are up and playing trains. I'm going for my blood-draw after we drop the twins at school. I can't wait to get it over with because I really want my COFFEE!!!

On the Pel front...only 3 more increases in sleeve number 2. I have about 40 more rounds to go and it will be done! Hopefully, I'll be wearing it by the week-end. Fun, huh?!

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